Kaisla 510 RX

Tech specs:

Kaisla 510 RX
Design Category
Length 5,10 m
Width 1,9 m
Stern width
1,8 m
Sea gauge
280 mm
280 kg
Max person
Max load
420 kg
Max allowed engine capacity
50hp / 37,5 kW
Recommended engine capcity 40-50 hp
Long shaft
20'' (51cm)

C category
- Inshore:· The boat is designed for voyages in coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where conditions up to wind force 6 Beaufort scale (17m/s) and significant wave heights up to 2m may be experienced.

General info
Kaisla 510 RX is pleasingly stable boat with steering console on the right side. Made with fishing enthusiasts in mind, rainwater-draining open space, wide, high sides, very stable motor-boat for fishing and holiday cottage use. Open middle part of the boat enables safe moving about in boat while fishing. Big lockable compartments are located in stern, bow and middle. Grab rails are attached to the inner sides of the boat. Kaisla 510 RX hull has a massive keel. Foam and air boxes between the double layered bottom guarantee the buoyancy of the boat with the maximum load even if some water should penetrate between the layers. The same double layer also guarantees that water will not penetrate the deck in case of a damaged hull. Boats have a manufacturer plate that meets the requirements of EU directive 94/25/EC, HIN identification number and CE marking.

Standard equipment
Side railing pair (stainless steel 300 cm), rear railing, windscreen and arch, lockable storage compartments(3), good-sized storage compartment beneath steering pulpit, collision strip made of PVC, cleats in bow(2) and stern(2), battery enclosure, Hydraulic steering device, extinguisher, headlight, grab rails(6), bow loop, swimming ladder.

“Also available 510 R – model without railings, windscreen and arch. All other standard equipment included.”

Additional equipment
set of cushions, canopy, PVC -keel strip 32mm.

Cruise characteristics
Thanks to the hull shape, Kaisla 510 RX maintains a steady and stable path through the water in various conditions. The boat’s centre of mass has been taken low to counteract the outer forces and ensure stability. Angle of vanishing stability AVS is about 110º, which is very good for this category boats. There is no practical need to mount trim tabs on Kaisla 510 RX as the boat has been designed to be stable with various motors. It is enough just to adjust the stern drive leg.

Running examples and recommendations


4 persons

2 persons

4 persons

2 persons


30 knots  (54km/h)

33 knots  (59km/h)· NB!

*cs-9,3l/h   *fs-14,0l/h

*cs-9,1 l/h   *fs-14,5l/h


Perfect for those who are after a pleasure, fishing or watersports craft of up to five people on board. Nice to cruise at any speed and even with the maximum load.


25 knots  (45km/h)

28 knots  (50km/h)

*cs-8,5 l/h  *fs-12,7 l/h

*cs-8,2 l/h  *fs-13,1 l/h


Perfect for those who are after a pleasure, fishing or watersports craft of up to five people on board. Nice to cruise at any speed and even with the maximum load.


22 knots  (39km/h)

24 knots   (43km/h)

*cs-7,2 l/h  *fs-10,5 l/h

*cs-6,9 l/h  *fs-10,9 l/h


Perfect for all fishermen and for those who just enjoy peaceful though still fast enough cruising with up to four people on board.

* cs - cruise speed range '4300 – 4800' (rpm)
* fs - full speed range '5200 – 5800' (rpm)
** Displayed driving speed and cost have been tested with HONDA and YAMAHA 4-stroke outboards.
    "Testfacts 2008 & 2009"
Be cautious at speeds of 33 knots or more as wrong handling and driving position damages the boat and is neither safe or comfortable.